Technology became an engine for development, social well being and economic growth.

Technology should be understood from a wider perspective than mere engineering. It drives the dynamics of firms, industries, national economies and globalization. We explore various technologies at their different stages, interdependencies among them, innovation processes, evolutionary trajectories, strategies, policies and their impacts...


About Professor Kumiko Miyazaki

Phone: +81 3 5734 3323
Fax: +81 3 5734 3323
Graduate School of Innovation Management,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, 
Tokyo, Japan 152-855


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Current Lab members

*: Working students; D: Doctoral Program(Grade); M-: Master Program(Grade); R: Research Student; E: Exchange Student;
:Research Theme;

  • Tiecheng Jin (D)
    「Identification of evolutionary characteristics of emerging technologies: the case of Smart Grid in Japan」

  • Santiago Ruiz Navas (D)
    「Big data and Service innovation [Broadcasting sector]」
  • * Taeko Suehiro (D)
    「The evolution of construction firms’ organisational capability towards open and service innovation through PPP/PFI arrangements in Japan 」
  • * Takayuki Otsuka (D)
    「Platform Openization and Value Network - An Empirical Study on International Mobile Communication and Mobile Phone Device Sector 」

  • * Shigenori Hata (D)
    「Innovation in SMEs and innovation policy 」

  • Hanwei Yu (M)
    Catch-up strategy of venture companies with low technology in emerging countrie

  • Yoshitaka Nakamura(M)
    「Effectiveness of open innovation in Japanese manufacturing industry」

  • * David Richard (E from RWTH Aachen University)
    「Coming soon...」

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Our research focuses among others on

Technology Management and Policy 
Diffusion of Innovations
Competence Building Processes
Innovation Management
National Innovation Systems
Sectoral Innovation Systems
Knowledge Economy and Management
Technology Opportunity Analyses 

Technologies in our past and present research

Digital broadcasting 
Renewable energy 
Ubiquitous networking 
R&D Management 
Innovation Networks 
Service Sector 
RFID Diffusion