Technology became an engine for development, social well being and economic growth.

Technology should be understood from a wider perspective than mere engineering. It drives the dynamics of firms, industries, national economies and globalization. We explore various technologies at their different stages, interdependencies among them, innovation processes, evolutionary trajectories, strategies, policies and their impacts...


About Professor Kumiko Miyazaki

Phone: +81 3 5734 3323
Fax: +81 3 5734 3323
Graduate School of Innovation Management,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, 
Tokyo, Japan 152-855


News and Events (More)

  • March, 2019   Miyazaki has been appointed a Member of a committee of the Industry Structure Council of METI
  • March, 2019   Santiago Ruiz Navas obtained  a PhD in MOT. (Ttitle: Big Data Knowledge bases for Public Broadcasting Services) Nakamura Yoshitoshi,  Yu Hanwei obtained Masters in MOT.
  • 2019 dinner
  • January 2019   A former lab member Evelyn Giraldo who obtained a Masters in MOT in 2011 came to visit.  She is now Senior Manager at Oracle in Colombia. A former lab member Dr Alfonso Avila Robinson came to visit just before he returned to Mexico where he will work as a faculty member at a business school.
    Former lab member
  • October 2018  Miyazaki attended the 30th reunion and Force for Good conference at INSEAD in France, Fontainebleau
  • August 2018  Miyazaki attended ASIALICS in Hangzhou to present a paper
  • August 2018   Miyazaki attended PICMET in Honolulu to present 2 papers and be a Session Chair
  • On 15th and 16th July, 2018, summer lab trip (Gasshuku) 2018 of Miyazaki Lab took place at the hotel, Lobbing, in Izukogen. Prof. Miyazaki and 5 lab members (2 doctoral students, Santiago and Suehiro, and 3 master students, Yu, Nakamura and Okamoto) joined. read more
  • Oct. 2017   Miyazaki is appointed to be a Member of the Science Council of Japan.
  • July 2017   Miyazaki and Santiago attended PICMET in Portland to present papers.
  • June 2017   Kensuke Kato  obtained a Doctorate related to the theme of Technology Commercialization and Setting Application Paths.
    Kato is now the President of IPS Device lab, a joint venture with a faculty member of Kyoto Univ. ips research so he is
    able to apply his research outcome in the real world.
  • March 2017,   Imamura san, Sato san both graduated with a Masters in MOT.
    Paveena Lalitnorasate obtained a Doctorate, in the topic of Functional Food Technologial Convergence.
  • Nov. 2016,  Miyazaki was appointed  to be the Chair of the Japan Society for Research
    Policy and Innovation Management, JSRPIM
  • In October 2016 Miyazaki won the Yugawara Arts Association Award for her water colour painting
  • In October 2016 Miyazaki, Jin Tiecheng and Paveena attended ASIALICS in Bangkok and presented papers. Paveena and Miyazaki won the Best Paper Award. Miyazaki was invited to attend ASIALICS as a member of the organizing committee.
  • Asialics 2016
  • In Sep 2016 Miyazaki and Jin attended TJASSST, Tunisia Japan Symposium on Science, Technology, Society held at Tsukuba Univ. and presented a paper.
  • in early September 2016 Miyazaki, Paveena, Santiago, Nishida attended SPRU50th Anniversary conference at University of Sussex and presented papers
  • In March, 2016, Tane and Murakami graduated with a Maters in MOT. (They both completed their studies in less than 2 years, Tane in 18 months, Murakami in 12 months)
  • In Feb. 2016, Miyazaki presented a paper at TJASSST Tunisia Japan Conference on Science, Technology and Society
  • In Dec. 2015 Miyazaki became a member of the Advisory Committee for Monju (the Fast Breed Reactor Project)
  • In Oct. 2015 Miyazaki was appointed Vice Chairperson of Japan Society for Research
  • Policy and Innovation Management (研究・イノベーション学会)
  • In Oct. 2015, Miyazaki presented a paper at ITSLA in California.
  • In Sep. 2015, Santiago, and Nishida and Miyazaki attended and presented papers in ASIALICS in Yogyakarta.
  • In July, Aug. 2015, Prof. Miyazaki and Yuan attended PICMET in Portland to present papers.
  • In March, 2015, Kentarou Nishida and Chang Sion Kiat graduated and obtained a Masters in MOT.
    Chang Sion Kiat joined a foreign consulting firm in Tokyo.
    Nishida is continuing with his studies at Tokyo University.
  • On July 27-31, 5 members of Miyazaki lab (Yuan, Napa, Paveena, Santi, and Hata san) and Prof Miyazaki attended PICMET (an International Conference in Management of Tech.) which was held in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture. (There were 4 presentations by Miyazaki lab members and Miyazaki was a Session Chair).
  • On July 2014, Miyazaki lab trip to Izu Peninsular Day 1, Day 2.
  • Miyazaki lab OB OG Dinner February 2014.
  • On Jan 2014, Miyazaki presented a paper at PTC (Pacific Telecom Conference) held in Honolulu.
  • On June 2013, Seunghye Hong and Alfonso Avila-Robinson obtained their PhD. Alfonso now works as a researcher at Kyoto University, iCeMS where the Nobel Laureate Prof. Yamanaka works. Dr Hong will join KEEI (Korea Energy Economics Institute)
  • Prof. Miyazaki, Dr. Seunghye Hong, Naparat and Paveena presented papers at ASIALICS in September 2013. Prof. Miyazaki was also a Session Chair at
  • Naparat embarked on a 3 months internship in Taiwan (Yuan Ze University).
  • A day trip to Yokohama.
  • Factory visit to Sanoh.
  • Prof. Miyazaki attended and presented a paper at PICMET, Vancouver in August 2012. She alsochaired a session.
  • Our lab members went to Lake Kawaguchi for our summer lab trip in July 2012.
  • Prof.Miyazak and 2 current lab members (Hong, Qu) as well as a former lab member(Oshima san) presented papers at IAMOT in Hsinshu, Taiwan, in March 2012. Prof Miyazaki acted as Session Chair. We had a rewarding experience.
  • Miyazaki lab’s Gasshuku (winter lab trip) took place in Atami on 4th and 5th February, 2012.
  • Prof Miyazaki was appointed to be the Vice Chairman of JSSPRM (Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management) from Oct. 15 2011 until Oct. 15, 2013.
  • Prof. Miyazaki and three lab members attended PICMET 2011 (July 31-August 4, 2011) and Zhongquan XIE (D3) won the PICMET 2011 Brad W. Hosler Outstanding Student Paper Award (2011/08/15)
  • Prof. K. Miyazaki received the annual Award from the Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management (JSSPRM) (2010/10/9)
  • On 3rd September, 2010, Prof. Miyazaki was invited by Korea University of Technology and Education (KUT) to give a keynote speech at their international workshop of MOT titled as “MOT in Asia”. Only two speakers were at this workshop, Prof. Miyazaki and another professor from Taiwan. Over 100 people, students, researchers, faculty members from KUT (including the President) as well as other universities attended.
  • On 28th and 29th August, 2010, summer lab trip “Gasshuku” 2010 of Miyazaki Lab took place in Izukogen. 6 lab members (including Prof. Miyazaki, D3 Kato, D2 Xie, M2 Oshima, M2 Evelyn and M1 Lee) and 1 alumni member (Kawana) attended.
  • Alfonso participated CICALICS Academy 2010 (China’s Innovation Circles and Academy) held at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China from August 21 to 28, 2010.
  • During 18th – 22nd July 2010, Professor Miyazaki, Kato and Suryanegara from our lab attended PICMET Conference in Phuket Thailand. Prof Miyazaki was Session Chair of two sessions. Kato and Suryanegara presented their papers.
  • In March 2010, Miyazaki was invited to be a Session Chair, Discussant at'Technical Change: History, Economics and Policy. A Conference in Honour of Nick von Tunzelmann'. Xie  presented a paper on 'Innovation and Sectoral Evolution from Embeddedness to Vertical Disintegration—the Case of Robotic Software in Japan'.
  • In Nov. 2009, Miyazaki and Katoh presented papers at TJASSST (Tunisia Japan Society for Science, Tech and Society) in Tunisia. She was the Session Coordinator and Chair of the Management Session.
  • 2009 Cicalics and Academy in Tsinghua University
  • 2007 Gasshuku
  • 2005 Cicalics

Current Lab members

*: Working students; D: Doctoral Program(Grade); M-: Master Program(Grade); R: Research Student; E: Exchange Student;
:Research Theme;

  • Tiecheng Jin (D)
    「Identification of evolutionary characteristics of emerging technologies: the case of Smart Grid in Japan」

  • Santiago Ruiz Navas (Special Fellow)
    「Big data and Service innovation [Broadcasting sector]」
  • * Taeko Suehiro (D)
    「The evolution of construction firms’ organisational capability towards open and service innovation through PPP/PFI arrangements in Japan 」
  • * Takayuki Otsuka (D)
    「Platform Openization and Value Network - An Empirical Study on International Mobile Communication and Mobile Phone Device Sector 」

  • * Shigenori Hata (D)
    「Innovation in SMEs and innovation policy 」
  • Haruka Suzuki (Special Fellow)
  • Jun Okamoto  (M)
    Technology Strategy through M&A

  • Kjartan Jonsson (Research Student)
    「Comparation between Iceland Airline and ANA」
  • Shujie Li (Research Student)
    「Coming soon....」

  • Pierre Arthur O'hara (YSEP program from Arts et Metiers ParisTch)
    「The European ICT sector」

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Our research focuses among others on

Technology Management and Policy 
Diffusion of Innovations
Competence Building Processes
Innovation Management
National Innovation Systems
Sectoral Innovation Systems
Knowledge Economy and Management
Technology Opportunity Analyses 

Technologies in our past and present research

Digital broadcasting 
Renewable energy 
Ubiquitous networking 
R&D Management 
Innovation Networks 
Service Sector 
RFID Diffusion