Alumni Information

Doctor Graduates of Innovation Management

Naparat Siripitakchai

PhD, 2017

Analyses of University-Industry(UI) Collaborative Research: The Case of Thailand National Research Universities(NRUs)

Paveena Lalitnorasate

PhD, 2016

Dynamics of Exploration of Technological Convergence and Competence Building in the Food and Life-Science Sector: Functional Food in Japan

Fei Yuan

PhD, 2016

Technological Evolution and Learning in Electric Vehicles: The Case of Accelerated Catching up Through Managing The Technological Capability Chain

Seunghye Hong

PhD, 2013

Innovation in Korean B2B mobile services from the technological and service-oriented perspectives

Alfonso Avila Robinson

PhD, 2013

Understanding the dynamics of emerging technologies through knowledge structures - The case of micro/nanotechnologies

Xie Zhongquan

PhD, 2012

Innovations and Sectoral Evolution of Embedded Software in Japan—The Cases of Robotic, Automotive and Mobile Phone Software

Muhammad Suryanegara

PhD, 2011

Co-evolution between Actors and Technologies Related to Technological Changes of Mobile Telephony towards 4G: The Case of Indonesia and Japan

Nazrul Islam

PhD, 2008

Nanotechnology Innovation System: Technology Fusion Trajectories and Evolution of Innovation Infrastructures

Qiong Wu

PhD, 2008

Sectoral Systems of Innovation in the Software Sector in China: Co-evolution with Industrial Structure and Institutions

Yoshitaka Osawa

PhD, 2007



PhD, 2007

再生利エネルギーシステムの発生と普及 - 風力と太陽光発電のケース