Current Lab Members

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Current Lab members

*: Working students; D: Doctoral Program(Grade); M-: Master Program(Grade); R: Research Student; E: Exchange Student;
:Research Theme;

  • Ranjit Gupta (D)
    「Business Ecosystems; Industrial IoT」

  • * Shinta M. Sumpera (D)
    「Green IT」

  • * Takayuki Otsuka (D)
    「Platform Openization and Value Network - An Empirical Study on International Mobile Communication and Mobile Phone Device Sector

  • * Siripitakchai Naparat (D)
    「University-Industry Linkage (UIL)」

  • * Shigenori Hata (D)
    「中小企業におけるイノベーションとイノベーション政策」 Innovation in SMEs and innovation policy 」

  • Hanwei Yu (M)
    「Coming soon...」

  • Yoshitaka Nakamura(M)
    「Coming soon...」
  • Hirokazu Ibe (M)
    「Consideration on market entry by foreign company in domestic environmental inspection business」

  • Tiecheng Jin (D)
    「Identification of evolutionary characteristics of emerging technologies: the case of Smart Grid in Japan」

  • Santiago Ruiz Navas (D)
    「Big data and Service innovation [Broadcasting sector]」

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