My experiences from the First Tsinghua International Forum for Doctoral Candidates in CICALICS

("China's Innovation Circles and Academy - a Network on Learning, Innovation and Competence-building Systems")

Sept. 2005

The First Tsinghua International Forum for Doctoral Candidates (TIFDC) was held on the campus of Tsinghua University from September, the 3rd to September, the 11th, 2005. More than 40 doctoral candidates from all over the world participated in the forum, including countries such as Italy, France, Brazil, Vietnam, Korea and Japan (with me and Wu Qiong from Miyazaki Lab). The forum consisted of keynote speeches, technical sessions and doctoral candidates' presentations and discussions. The topic of this forum was "Research training on how to study innovation and innovation systems".

TIFDC was organized by the Research Center for Technological Innovation of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, aiming at providing a platform for academic exchanges and mutual understanding among doctoral candidates from various countries and regions worldwide.
I greatly benefited from presentations delivered by other Ph.D. students and from peer reviews. We had inspiring and dedicated teachers, among them the most renowned international and Chinese experts in the innovation management field, delivering lectures on frontier progress in the field and on methodological issues. The forum offered opportunities to share academic experiences and establish cross-country linkages. We also participated in social activities by visiting historical places such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, or the Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

I would like to benefit from this opportunity and express my gratitude for the organizers of the forum and all the Chinese people who accompanied and supported me during my spell in Beijing. Moreover, I would like to thank my research supervisor, prof. Kumiko Miyazaki, who passed to me an invitation to CICALICS (received by her as a member of ASIALICS network), enthusiastically encouraged me to participate in the event, and covered my travel costs.

Nazrul Islam
Ph.D. Candidate
Research on Nanotechnology Innovation System
Miyazaki Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology

於:CICALICS(Chinas Innovation Circles and Academy - a network on Learning, Innovation and Competence building Systems)

博士課程の学生を対象にした第1回清華国際フォーラム(TIFDC)が、清華大学において2005年9月3日から11日にかけて行われた。私と宮崎研究室のWu Qiong(D2)を含め、イタリア、フランス、ブラジル、ベトナム、韓国、日本など世界中から40名以上の博士課程の学生がこのフォーラムに参加した。このフォーラムでは基調講演、開会式、博士学生の発表・ディスカッションなどが行われた。フォーラムのテーマは、「イノベーションとイノベーションシステムの研究手法の研究教育」であった。

Nazrul Islam (D1)
Research on Nanotechnology Innovation System
Miyazaki Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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