"Learning-Friendly Model"
--Report of CICALICS Academy 2009

Seung-Hye HONG, Muhammad SURYANEGARA, Zhongquan XIE

Introduction about the CICALICS Academy 2009

CICALICS (China's Innovation Circles and Academy-a Network on Learning, Innovation and Competence-building Systems) is sponsored by the Research Center for Technological Innovation, Tsinghua University, one of Key Research Centers in Humanities and Social Sciences accredited by the Ministry of Education of China. The goal of CICALICS Academy is to provide research training for best doctoral students from China and abroad working on Innovation and Competence Building Systems in the context of China and other developing economies.

The CICALICS Academy 2009 was held from 18 to 25 August 2009 in Tsinghua University, Beijing. It was a forum at which doctoral students discussed their thesis works/papers and established international links with senior and junior scholars. Leading international scholars (such as Franco Malerba, Shulin Gu, Bart Verspagen, John Mathews, Hung Shihchang, Ulrike Tagscherer, Andrew Tylecote) were invited to deliver lectures both on frontier researches and on methodological issues in the field of innovation. Each lecture is followed by open discussions. 13 Chinese PhD students, 13 Chinese younger scholars, 6 international PhD students (including Ms Hong, Surya, and me) jointed the Academy, and 19 of them presented their works, followed by comments from senior and junior scholars both.

During the one day in the middle (August 22), all participants were invited to attend the CICALICS Workshop 2009 on “Chinese Innovation System in Transition–The Impact of Financial Crisis on Technological Innovation”. The works by the Academy participants were be selected and invited to present in the workshop.

Surya, MS Hong and I have joint this academy, and have learned a lot from this academy.

What we have learned from the Academy 2009


Learning from international senior scholars


International Scholars gave some lectures about innovation and economic development (Bart Verspagen), sectoral systems of innovation, history-friendly model (Franco Malerba), process of innovation (Shih-Chang Hung), China’s innovation systems and agro-food sectors (Shulin Gu), technology leverage strategy (John Mathews), etc. They didn’t just tell us the theories and the results, but also the research methodologies, as well as how to do research. According to these lectures, we learned not only the frontier researches on innovation but also the methodologies how to stand at the top of the research field.


Important learning in the academy is that these international senior scholars gave us their comments on our works. Based on their comments or suggestions, we can do much better research further.


We learned from these scholars, also from the attitude of their working. Shih-Chang Hung gave his very good comments and typed them on slides. Prof. GU and Prof. Malerba gave their comments suggestively, and can be implemented later. Prof. GU always stayed with young scholars during the academy, and comminuted with every young scholars or PhD students.


Learning from junior scholars


There were some other young scholars and PhD presenting their works. Their presentations showed their research progresses and their methodology used in research. These presentations are also my learning opportunity.


Although junior scholars own not enough experiences and skills in research, they also can give many comments and suggestion for our further research.


Learning from CICALICS


CICALICS is a good place for our younger scholars to build our own research networks, and an opportunity for communications, making friends, sharing academic experiences and establishing cross-country linkages. Not only learning from senior scholar, but also junior scholars and communications with them. We discuss together, learn each other, and will contact each other later. This is not the end of academy, but the beginning of academy and further research.


Organizing this kind of conference is not an easy business. We have learned a lot from these academy, success and weakness. What moved us is that the professors’ hardworking and organizers’ care.



Here, we sincerely thank our dear Professor Miyazaki very much for allowing and sponsoring us to participate in CICALICS, the organizers of CICALICS for giving us this opportunity and all senior and junior scholars in CICALICS academy 2009.


Prof. Xibao LI was hosting the academy

Prof. Jian GAO was giving a opening speach

Prof. Shulin GU was communicating with young scholars

Prof. Shih-Chang HUNG was giving a lecture

Prof. Bart VERSPAGEN was giving a lecture

Prof. John MATHEWS was giving a lecture


Prof. Andrew TYLECOTE was giving a lecture

Prof. Franco MALERBA was giving a lecture

Prof. Shulin GU was giving a opening speech on Workshop

Xie was presenting his paper

Ms Hong was giving a comment to a young scholar; Surya and I were listening.

Suryanegara was presenting his paper

Before leaving

Photograph with Prof. Malerba and Associate Prof. Tagscherer

Photograph with Prof. GU.


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