Summer Lab Trip (Gasshuku) 2010
宮崎研究室 夏合宿 2010

By Zhongquan XIE

On 28th and 29th August, 2010, summer lab trip (Gasshuku) 2010 of Miyazaki Lab took place in Izukogen. 6 lab members (including Prof. Miyazaki, 2  Dr students, Kato and Xie, and 3 Master students, Oshima, Evelyn and Lee) and 1 alumni member (Kawana) attended.

August 28th, 2010 (Saturday)

The lab trip started in the afternoon with seminar on which Lee, Evelyn, Oshima and Kato gave presentations on their research projects and received comments from Prof. Miyazaki and lab members.

After the presentations, we were divided into two groups and made a debate on “The current self sufficiency ratio of food in Japan is way too low and should be raised”. Everyone became very much involved in these debates and we were able to have a lively exchange of our perceptions.

Then, Prof. Miyazaki had prepared an interesting workshop on communication skills for us, which included tongue twisters and an expression/explanation activity by acting a role in different situations.

The dinner and the party are two important activities today. We enjoyed our dinner and drink party. We communicated with each other and learned a lot from each other.

August 29th, 2010 (Sunday)

We all got up early in the morning to enjoy sightseeing. First, we climbed to top of Omuro Mount by chair lift where we had been intoxicated by the great view of the Fuji Mount, the blue sea and sky, and the islands.

lab trip photo
(On the top of Omuro Mount, from left to right: Kato, Xie, Prof. Miyazaki, Lee, Evelyn and Oshima)
See more photos of lab trip, please click here.

Although Prof. Miyazaki and other lab members had to leave after claiming up Omuro Mount, Oshima, Lee and I still visited Jyogasaki Park next the sea. Under the blue sky, facing the blue sea, breathing the fresh air, we walked along the coast with lab members and enjoyed jagged rocks of grotesque shapes. We also had a very special and delicious lunch at a Japanese restaurant. While this was the end of this trip, Izukogen is the place where I didn’t want to leave so soon.

This is my second time to join in this lab trip and I really enjoyed it. It is a great chance for our lab members to communicate and see the beautiful view and culture of Japan. I would like to thank Prof. Miyazaki for organizing and taking charge of this wonderful experience and I expect the next lab trip.

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