Winter Lab Trip (Gasshuku) 2012
宮崎研究室 冬合宿 2012

Miyazaki lab’s Gasshuku (winter lab trip) took place in Atami on 4th and 5th February, 2012.

Prof. Miyazaki and 9 lab members attended (7 Doctoral Students: Xie, Qu, Yuan, Alfonso, Hong, Kato, and Otsuka; 2 Master students: Paveena, and Napa).

Feb 4th, 2012 (Saturday)

Everyone gathered at the recreation room of Grand View Hotel around 1pm as the lab trip activities started with the seminar of five academic presentations. The presentations went by as follows: first group presentation about Graphene by Yuan, Paveena and Alfonso; second group presentation on biochip by Qu, Napa and Xie; a presentation about nano-manufacturing by Alfonso; a presentation on service innovations in mobile service by Hong; and a presentation concerning LED.

During the presentation and debating activity

After the presentations, we were divided into two groups and made a debate on “All countries which include developed and developing countries should contribute towards sustainability (and carbon gas reduction) equally”. Everyone came out with a lot of ideas and concepts, and the debate went on very spicily. There was no winner or loser on the debate, but we surely learned a lot.

Then Prof. Miyazaki communications workshop took place, she had given us some activities on a vowel exercise, tongue twist in Japanese, and a role-play in different situations. Prof. Miyazaki herself also participated in the activities. It was an interesting moment seeing the other lab members in non-working mode.

Japanese Style Dinner: Sashimi, Grilled fish, and many small side dishes

We enjoyed our dinner and drink party. We had a chit-chat in various topics, from business to astrology, and learned a lot from each other, since most of us had different cultures and levels of experiences.
We also took a walk along Atami beach and strolled around before going back to the hotel.

Feb 5th, 2012(Sunday)

We all got up early in the morning to enjoy sightseeing at Atami beach. The weather was really nice. After we walked along the Atami beach, we went to Kiunkaku, a Japanese style villa museum. Kiunkaku was originally established in 1918 by Uchida Nobuya, a founder of a ship-building company, later a major politician in Japan, as his second house. Kiunkaku is a beautiful house with an amazing Japanese garden that has now been turned into a museum, and serves as a cultural and tourist center for the city.

Under Atami Sky

Although Prof. Miyazaki and Alfonso had to leave after visiting Kiunkaku, the other lab members went to the shopping street near the Atami station. There were many delicious Japanese style sweets and snacks. It was the season for strawberry, so there were many ichigo-mochi, which tasted very nice. The souvenirs made from seafood were really interesting. After we finished shopping souvenirs, we went back to Tokyo.

Trip Repot By Naparat(M2) and Paveena(M1)

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