Miyazaki Lab trip to Lake Kawaguchi ~ July 2012
宮崎研究室 夏合宿 2012

The long-awaited summer Gasshuku lab trip took place at Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanashi prefecture during July 15-16, 2012 (Sunday-Monday). Those who participated are Prof Miyazaki, Xie, Qu, Yuan, Alfonso, Taniguchi, Maeda, Kato, Trey, Paveena and Hong. After a busy and fruitful semester, all of us deserved a relaxing and joyful trip. The Gasshuku that lasted for two days passed like two hours because everybody was immersed in these unforgettable and meaningful seminar and activities carefully prepared by Prof Miyazaki.

We took a train for Lake Kawaguchi at Shinjuku station, being excited about the Gasshuku venue where we could see spectacular views of Mount Fuji and lakes. After about two hours’ chattering on the train, we arrived at noon. The hotel was located on the ideal place where we faced the lakeside in the north and we could see a big Mount Fuji in the south. Accommodations were comfortable, and buffet restaurant provided a variety of dishes.

The first event was a special seminar during which several stimulating and insightful presentations were given. Maeda was the first speaker who presented a report on the energy policies of Japan and the USA, followed by Alfonso who talked about nano manufacturing and nano-enabled products.

After a break, we had a British style debate hosted by Prof Miyazaki on the topic “It was wrong to resume operation of nuclear plant. Japan should be nuclear free.” Both for and against groups provided convincing arguments which were so heated up and equal that the debate resulted in a draw. Kato’s informative and vigorous presentation came after the debate. He highlighted the importance of the innovation management discipline and the usefulness of the knowledge we learned in our major in practice.

After the seminar, we had a communications workshop organized by Prof. Miyazaki during which we performed tongue twister, told fairytales, and did various exercises to improve our communication skills. We then had a walk around the hotel and took photos of the inviting natural beauty (esp. Mount Fuji), until everyone became starving and went back to grab some food. Dinner at the hotel’s buffet was most welcome since everyone could freely choose as much as one wanted among dozens of dishes.

The climax of the trip was the evening party sparkled with cheer during which we drank wine and beers and ate snacks as we sang and danced. To our surprise, Prof Miyazaki sang several songs (both Japanese and English ones) marvelously. As a matter of fact, we enjoyed the singing so much that we went to a Karaoke where our happiness continued.

On the second day, we all got on Retro-Bus to visit a park named as Kawaguchiko Shizen Seikatsukan (Natural Life Center). This park was filled with many kinds of herbs and flowers. The most spectacular was ‘Lavender’s sweet whispering with Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi on the back’. Here, we can see a gorgeously blue Fuji-san with a clear sky (See the right picture taken by Trey).

After enjoying Mt.Fuji and lake at the park, everyone separated and went to Kawakuchiko area depended on individual’s interest. Our group (Xie, Qu, Hong, Paveena) decided to stop by a cave called Fuhketsu (Wind Cave) in Saiko lake area. Even though it was in the midst of summer, the cave was very cool. We enjoyed the atmosphere filled with natural and permanent ice, which seemed not only to cool down our heated brains by the exciting discussions and debate on the 1st day, but also to solidify our lovely Lab trip memories.




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