Miyazaki Laboratory trip to Izu peninsula (Day 1)

After a year hiatus, the much anticipated Miyazaki trip took place in Izu Kougen (Izu peninsula), which is located in Shizuoka Prefecture. The lab trip was during the long weekend in the month of July (July 21 & 22), it consisted of a 4 hour seminar on Day 1 and an excursion to explore the scenic spots on Day 2 and it was attended by Professor Miyazaki, two working students Mr. Maeda and Mr. Taniguchi and lastly the full time students, Yuan, Napa, Paveena, Nishida, Trey, Jin and Santiago. The beauty of Izu is just what everyone needed after working hard all semester long.

Day 1
Despite having some troubles with the train delays, everyone manage to arrive in Izu Kougen with only slight delay and we were picked up by the staff from Hotel Lobbing which is popular tennis retreat. After a brief rest, we gather in the seminar room to begin the activities.

Nishida kicked off the event by sharing his research progress focusing on Smart Home and Energy Management System (EMS).  Next Mr. Maeda introduced us to a new side of energy industry, the shale oil and gas. Following, Professor Miyazaki arranged for Mr. Taniguchi to give us a view of the corporate world by introducing the concept of “Gatekeepers” in real life companies.

After a short break, we resume with the presentation by the full time students starting off with Group 1 focusing on knowledge and technology networks in smart grid following by Group 2 with the analysis of the role of big data in healthcare while comparing science with market offerings.


We then proceed to a brief debate on the topic of “Alcoholic beverage should be banned in Titech”. The supporting team supported their stand with the idea of foreign universities which allows alcohol has good performance and the role of alcohol in being a lubricant in socialization while the against team argued the negative health effect of alcohol and the purpose of university being a place for education. All and all, the debate was lively and everyone enjoyed it very much.

To wrap up the evening, Professor Miyazaki prepared a communications workshop where everyone has to give a speech about a particular topic. The exercise was very entertaining and we all got to know each other better.


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