Miyazaki Laboratory trip to Izu peninsula (Day 2)

Day 2
Our second day started with an early morning wake up for everyone in order to get the breakfast which was a Japanese style breakfast, was my first time to eat it and was amazing.


After breakfast we got ready to jump on Maeda san’s car and the hotel shuttle in way to Mt Omuro, one of the dormant volcanoes that gave origin to Izu peninsula, now a representative sight-seeing place, we went in early and had space and time to enjoy the 360~ view of the surroundings, the breeze was calming and fresh it was a really refreshing experience to be on the top of MT Omuro, in the mouth of the volcano we saw some families shooting in the bow range, a very smart way to use it, I think.


After a while we finished our walk and went back down the mountain to continue with our schedule, the Jogasaki Coast.

We arrived and with decision started our walk to the hanging bridge close to the coast where we saw the sea (by the way that day was the day of the sea, so the feeling was quite special), the characteristic picture of the pine tree in the sea, which inspired the emperor itself in a poem in the old times.


This coast used to be where the lava form Mt Omuro finished its journey to the sea and now is a place full of live, plants, squirrels, sparrows, bugs and a lot of other living creatures live here. After walking for a kilometer of coast we arrived to an old style Japanese restaurant close to the sea, the place had being build long time ago, in majority on wood and paper, tatami, bamboo, the place was special, the food was also unique, with a sweet touch and plentiful just good.


After the lunch the weight of the first day and the recent walk started to touch us and we did our last walk to go back for the bags, where we did our goodbyes, some of us went home by Maeda san’s car and others adventured to go by train to our most deserved rest.

In conclusion, the experience was very nice, relaxing and dynamic, a nice moment to share and meet different perspective of all the lab members and share a very good memories for the future, Thanks to all the lab for making this trip a very special one.


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